15 Comfortable Work Sandals to Wear This Summer

When you google the term sure-footed, words like competent and confident instantly pop up—clear evidence that your shoes may be the most important things you put on today. So now that we've entered prime sandal season, we figured it was right about time to find the perfect pair to wear to work too. Of course, the ideal office sandals are polished, comfortable (no stilettos here), and durable. Still, there should always be something that makes them interesting or fashion-forward, like maybe a woven detail or sleek strap.

To make things a little easier, we dove into the challenge of finding the best of the best and sorted them by heel height, starting at totally flat and heading right on up. So go on—head straight for the style you're looking for, and just know you'll be comfortable, no matter which sandals you choose.

Shop our favorite office-worthy (and pain-free) sandals below!