These 5 Items Will Take You From Zero to L.A. Real Quick 


Anine Bing

When you think of L.A., you probably think of the beach, the sun, and that laid-back cool-girl style a lot of the women here seem to so effortlessly embody. While nailing down the exact je ne sais quoi of Los Angeles It girls might seem like a difficult feat, beloved brand Anine Bing has pretty much nailed it—with ease to match. Thanks to its gorgeous and newly released photo shoot featuring Camille Rowe, L.A. style has never looked more approachable.

While there is definitely more product to come within the month of May, modeled by Rowe, we narrowed down the five items from the new collection that every L.A. girl should have in her closet. From the adorable cherry T-shirt to the hat that will make anything you wear look 10 times cooler, there's no denying that owning the items ahead will take you from zero to L.A. real quick.

Go on to see behind the scenes footage of the Anine Bing shoot with Camille Rowe and to shop our edit of the five must-have pieces from the collection.