The Woman Breaking Every Style Rule—and Killing It

Traditional fashion rules can feel stale (no white after Labor Day, anyone?), which is why we’re inspired by women who play by their own set, and no one does it better than Taylor Tomasi Hill. The industry veteran is known for her eye-catching style, and while she’s currently VP as well as creative and fashion director of Forty Five Ten, she’s also spent time at Marie Claire and Teen Vogue.

Hill has a knack for putting together outfits that are all her own, bursting with bold prints, unexpected cuts, and cool color combos; instead of following trends, she sets them. So if you’re feeling boxed in by the dos and don’ts of the past, we have a new rulebook for you to follow: TT Hill’s.

Click through for a look at the fashion trailblazer and to shop a few pieces inspired by her look!