This Is What Carla Zampatti Would Never Wear to Work

Carla Zampatti is undoubtedly an icon in the Australian fashion industry. Her eponymous label recently celebrated 50 successful years, and to top it all off (because she isn't busy enough), Zampatti has teamed up with Westpac and designed its new corporate uniform. From April 2017 (when Westpac celebrates 200 years in business), you will see all staff in the Zampatti-designed uniforms. The designer has been working on the collection for the past two years, consulting with over 200 of its staff. It incorporates the Westpac signature red, Carla Zampatti's signature stripes, and a breadth of stylish and timeless new shapes (see a snapshot of the collection here).

To celebrate the new collection, we asked Zampatti for some stylish workwear tips for the hot Australian summer, and what to wear when you're stuck in an outfit rut. Keep scrolling for her classic work wardrobe.


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Pictured: Carla Zampatti

Who What Wear Australia: What three key pieces should every woman have in her work wardrobe?

Carla Zampatti: A pant suit, a classic chemise and a jumpsuit

WWW: What would you never wear to work?

CZ: As I only wear my own brand, there is not much that is not appropriate for the work place, the only thing I would not wear, is an evening gown to the office. 

WWW: How do you recommend dressing for work during the hot Australian summer?

CZ: I would suggest a sleeveless chemise—they are effortless and I would suggest a jacket for an air-conditioned office. I have ensured there are some wonderful options in the new Westpac Collection that 1000’s of Westpac women will be able to choose from. 

WWW: Do you ever think it’s OK to wear leggings to work?

CZ: They are perfect under a tunic or a dress 

WWW: Would you ever wear sneakers to the office? How would you style them?

CZ: I have fallen in love with a gold metallic pair of sneakers and I love wearing them with pants when I do not have meetings or a lunch. 

WWW: What do you wear when you have outfit fatigue and can’t think up an original outfit for work?

CZ: A jumpsuit—it is a one outfit option and they can be dressed up so easily for after work—my customers love them. 

WWW: What’s the easiest way to look polished and put together for the office?

CZ: Clean hair simple make up and jewellery, and good quality shoes with a simple dress or jacket combination. 

WWW: What did you have in mind when designing the Westpac uniform?

CZ: I wanted to design a collection that both men and women across Australia could select from that made them feel confident, fashionable and proud to representing Westpac. The Westpac red was a great highlight to the palette of navy, black and white. I wanted to include the signature Carla Zampatti stripe, even for men with trendy striped socks to show off with a slight cropped pant. I am very proud of this collection and the Westpac staff that have been on this journey with me for the past two years. 

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