The 4 Best Ways to Pull Off the Streetwear Trend, by Pyper America

In our revamped monthly series, Styled By, we’re putting the creative reins in the hands of some of our favorite fashionable ladies. Outfitted in the looks they love (and put together!), the influencers take to the streets and give us the scoop on everything from their budding careers to their wardrobe go-tos.

Within five minutes of Pyper America arriving on the set of her Styled By shoot, the entire crew is in love. Be it her of-another-world features or her hilarious Housewives impressions, the 19-year-old model is utterly captivating. Yet despite her almost overnight rise to stardom—out of the gate, she shot with powerhouse photographers Hedi Slimane and Annie Leibovitz—the rural-Utah native remains incredibly grounded, a trait that will undoubtedly take her far in the industry. Add in Smith’s desires to be a positive role model on social media and her off-duty rock ’n’ roll sensibilities, and you’ve got perfect muse material. Speaking of which, we’re basing our summer style off Smith’s fresh take on the season’s streetwear trend, complete with side-stripe track pants and covetable sneakers. Smith took to the streets of downtown Los Angeles in four outfits ready for summer-in-the-city adventures!

Shop the looks and read out our exclusive interview with Smith below.

WHO WHAT WEAR: You’re carving out a pretty successful career in the fashion industry. Was modeling something you always wanted to pursue?

PYPER AMERICA: No, I always wanted to be an actress, and I’m still going to be in movies at some point in my life. My sister Daisy [Clementine] got scouted at this convention when we were in Utah and was signed to Next. Then one summer, my family was taking a vacation to California and said, “Let’s go visit the office.” When we walked in, the [agency] said, “Oh, we actually want to sign all of you guys.” It was really crazy!

WWW: And then you booked your first shoot with Hedi Slimane! What was that experience like? Were you nervous?

PA: I really didn’t know who he was, but he was really cool to shoot with. I could shoot with him again; he’s amazing at what he does. Everything that’s happened, we’ve been so lucky. It’s one amazing project after another. I don’t even know what’s going on; I feel really blessed.

WWW: Who are some of the other people in the industry that you really look up to?

PA: I love Karlie Kloss as a model. I think she has a really good vibe and is really positive. I love anyone that is grateful for what they’re doing. I really look up to people who are “girl power” and “everyone power.” I think that Gigi Hadid’s career is really inspiring—she’s everywhere and just seems like a cool girl.

WWW: What has been the most exciting accomplishment in your career thus far?

PA: I think just getting to work with all the amazing creative names out there. Shooting with Annie Leibovitz in Iceland—I would say that’s one of the most amazing things I’ve done. Nothing I have ever done has been like that; it’s a really special shoot that I did. And on my 18th birthday, I shot my first cover, so it’s really fun special moments like that. I love working with my family; those are always really fun parts of my career. I don’t think it’s that common that people get to work with their family.

WWW: People might not know that you are actually in a band with your siblings, too. What inspired you to form The Atomics?

PA: My dad has been a musician all his life, so when I was 8, one Christmas all my siblings got instruments. He started teaching us all the same songs so we could play together, and then we all learned a bunch of surf songs. And we would play little shows around Utah where we used to live. So we’ve been doing it for a long time, and it has just been a family project. We’re all really close because of it. And now we’re working with really amazing producers and songwriters. I’m excited about the songs we’re coming up with now.

WWW: So what do you play in the band?

PA: I play bass.

WWW: What’s next for The Atomics?

PA: I think there’s going to be an EP soon. Summer.

WWW: Are you guys doing any shows around L.A.?

PA: We’re going to for sure. That’s the main thing I want to do, play around L.A., because I think there’s a good music scene here. And I want all the people I’ve worked with the past couple of years to see that I’m a musician, not just having told them the last while.

WWW: Who are some of the musicians or bands out there that you’re obsessing over right now?

PA: I really like old disco music from the ’70s, like The Bee Gees. They have really cool bass lines. But bands right now that I like, we have these friends, these girls in a band called Bahari. I also like this guy Honne. I love oldies too; I’m listening to The Beatles and Tom Petty. I like all music, though. I was obsessed with Maroon 5 when I was in junior high school.

WWW: You and your siblings all have unique names. Is there a story behind yours?

PA: Well, my last name is Smith, and it’s pretty plain, pretty normal. My parents are both really creative, so I think they just wanted something unique, and America’s my real middle name, so I just go by my first and middle. I don’t know if there’s much of a story. I think there was a book with a girl named America that my aunt was reading at the time, and then my dad knew a girl in high school named Pyper.

WWW: You are a big modeling family. Do you tend to share a lot of clothes with your siblings?

PA: All of them, and they all steal mine too! When we used to live together, I shared a closet with my brother [Lucky Blue Smith], so I would always buy him stuff, but also say, “I’m buying this for both of us.”

WWW: What was the one piece you would always wear of his?

PA: I always steal his jackets, because I love a good oversize jacket. He has a bunch of good denim ones. I bought him this really soft green sweater from Acne, and I told him, “I’m also going to wear this too!”

WWW: What do you do to stay grounded and still have your youth?

PA: Growing up with the standards and being raised as a Mormon has always set me up for having a more relaxed view on everything that’s going to happen in my life. I’m really lucky to be doing everything that I’m doing, and I can’t wait to see what else happens, but in the end, it really just matters what good you’re doing in the world and the relationships that you have. So if things get really chaotic and I’m only thinking about myself and my career, I remember it’s not really about that. I can take it easy and remember family is all that matters.

WWW: Do you and your siblings ever give each other advice or share any modeling tips?

PA: When we’re working together, if my sister’s hair is in her face, I’ll fix it. I give my brother fashion advice all the time. It’s simple stuff; he will say, “Should I wear this?” and I’ll say, “No, go put on black jeans or something.” It’s fun when we’re working together because we don’t even have to communicate; we already know each other so well. If my sister is posing a certain way or I’m laying on her a certain way, we know what will look cool and we’re already comfortable.

WWW: Back to your wardrobe, how would you describe your personal style off-duty?

PA: Off-duty, I like to wear strong pieces, like a cool bomber jacket or textured shirts. I like more masculine, rock ’n’ roll vibes sometimes—tight black anything. I like to look strong and feel confident about my style.

WWW: What’s the piece you can’t stop wearing?

PA: It has to be my light pink satin bomber jacket from Acne. I’m always wearing that because I like having my pink hair on my pink jacket. I think it looks really cool.

WWW: The bomber jacket is having a major moment right now!

PA: I want all the silk bomber jackets with embroideries.

WWW: What’s your favorite way to style this piece?

PA: I really want the men’s silk bomber from Louis Vuitton’s latest collection. I think that would look really cool with any kind of texture underneath, whether it’s tight or another flowy layer. There are cute cropped bomber jackets, but I always like the oversize [versions] with ripped jeans, or any relaxed jeans, and some good boots.

WWW: What was the last item you bought?

PA: I got some good ripped white vintage Levis.

WWW: Where do you go to buy vintage?

PA: There are a million good vintage stores in Hollywood that I go to. I also love Reformation and how everything is redone and recut.

WWW: Where do you usually go to shop? Are you an online shopper or an in-store person?

PA: Ninety percent of the time I shop online and I’m like, “Crap, this doesn’t fit!” So I love shopping at Acne, Reformation, Opening Ceremony, and Jet Rag on La Brea.

WWW: You have garnered quite an impressive social media following. What do you think has been key to building that? What are you trying to achieve with your social audience?

PA: I think it’s important to be different; that’s what people like. And what they connect with is something different, not what they’re looking at on everyone else’s Instagram. I think it’s really important to always be real on social media. Yeah, you’re going to set up a pose and get creative with it, but that’s a good thing. I guess don’t try to think hard about it; I post silly stuff too. I have this Instagram account that I haven’t really promoted that much, it’s called, and I just make silly weird videos of me doing impressions. I want to spread positivity too. Everyone says that, and it’s amazing, but it’s such a powerful thing to connect personally to people and relate to them, so when you’re relatable on social media, I think that’s really cool.

WWW: You do impressions?! What’s your best one?

PA: You know that TV show, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? I just pretend to be the title “Beverly Hills Mom.” I’m not trying to offend anyone; it’s just a silly thing I’ve done.

WWW: Do you have any social media boundaries?

PA: I don’t think I’ll post nude photos on my Instagram. I like to feel sexy and confident. I think there’s a good way to show you love yourself; I think self-confidence is really important. If you want to share your body in that way and share how you look, just do you, do your thing. But for me, I won’t be posting myself nude or promoting something that isn’t positive or powerful in a good way.

WWW: Who do you like to follow on social media?

PA: I love to follow @whowhatwear. I really do follow you guys! I follow this account @ghostmouse__; it’s actually my cousin’s branding company, and it does really cool stuff and posts its logo mouse hidden in the pictures. So you have to find it in every picture. I love fun stuff like that, cause you go through it and realize, Oh, this is kind of a game! I like following different fashion bloggers, like @kaity_modern; I think she has really cool style, and I get a lot of inspiration from her. I also love @_roomonfire, because it has really cool room decorating and architecture.

Photographer: Jenna Peffley; Hair: Nikki Providence; Makeup: Carola Gonzales; Market: Dani + Emma. 

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