A Quick Rundown on Vegan Leather, Fashion's Big New Market


(Image credit: @handinfire)

When it comes to sustainable fashion, the industry has come a long way from its granola roots. It certainly doesn’t hurt that, as a generation, we are driven to make this the era of reducing our waste and carbon footprint, too. One of the biggest ways we’re pushing this movement forward is through wearing and buying vegan leather. But before you sign up to fill your closets with this alternative material, it’s important to know exactly what you’re getting into, if you will.

As the name provides, vegan leather is an animal-friendly alternative to genuine leather. While most of these are also more traditional vegan leathers made from synthetic plastics like polyurethane, there is also an increasing number of plant-based leathers like Pinatex, a leather alternative made from pineapple leaves. To top it off, manufacturers and brands are working to create more sustainable approaches in creating faux leather, meaning they're not only are they better for animals but also better for the environment.

If you’re ready to go vegan (shopping, of course!), we rounded up the coolest cruelty-free vegan leather pieces we’re loving at the moment. Shop them all below.

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Dale Arden Chong