The One Thing Every Fashion Editor Is Wearing Now


Kristen Nichols

You know that nightmare where you walk into work only to realize you're wearing nothing at all? Well, you might think that working in fashion, the nightmare is more like showing up wearing the same thing as your co-workers. But as it turns out, you'd be wrong. Around the Who What Wear digs, we've all fallen in love with one trend this fall: plaid blazers.

While the team is divided between L.A. and New York, with one editor all the way in Raleigh (Hi, Allyson!), we've all gravitated toward this polished staple. We've argued the merits of each brand's take during our editorial meetings and shown up to events matching head to toe. Though we're a bicoastal bunch, it seems that we're all on the same wavelength.

Below, we're breaking down the plaid blazer each editor is wearing right now. Then, we're shopping out a few styles so you too can join the Who What Wear clique.