A DIY Trick to Make Your Heels Look Like They Cost Triple the Price

Aside from shopping the suede and/or faux-suede section at budget-friendly brands, there are additional ways to make shoes look way more expensive. Case in point: today’s heel hack. I recently purchased the below Steve Madden shoes, and while the little gold charms at the end of the laces didn’t bother me at the point of purchase, each time I tried on the heels with an outfit, the shiny ends caught my eye. My savvy solution? Cut the metal tips off. The result? Heels that look triple the price. It may sounds crazy to “damage” a pair of shoes before you wear them, but for me, this DIY trick made all the difference and saved me a pretty penny via a fast-fashion option of the on-trend shoe style!

Scroll down to see the results and to shop shoes that would be perfect for a little at-home DIY action.

Will you try this DIY trick? Have you ever made a pair of shoes look more expensive? Share your hacks in the comments below!