7 Wardrobe Essentials You Can Buy at the Mall



Le 21ème

Finding those perfect wardrobe essentials is sometimes harder than it looks, but once your closet is stocked full of them, getting ready each day will be a total breeze. We suggest heading to your local mall to pick all of these items up in one seamless swoop because believe it or not, most of your favorite mall brands have some of the best wardrobe essentials out there. 

For example, Madewell is the perfect place to snag a timeless pair of skinny jeans, H&M has ankle boots galore, and Zara's knits happen to be one of their strongest product sections. Despite what you may have once thought, spending hours online searching for the perfect item is not all that necessary now that you know you can find exactly what you're looking for at the stores you're already comfortable with. 

Keep reading to shop the wardrobe essentials you can buy at the mall!