True Story: I Work Out 6 Days a Week in These Leggings



My alarm starts ringing at 6:30 a.m., and I roll out of bed, slide into my leggings, tie my sneakers, and I'm out the door. Working out six days a week isn't for everyone, I know. But for me, squeezing in some form of exercise, whether it be a spin class, yoga, or even a walk around my neighborhood helps me find balance in my busy, often desk-bound life. And since I'm constantly testing exercise classes to find my favorite, let's just say I've tested my fair share of workout gear.

Most importantly, with so many sweaty hours under my belt, I've been able to slowly but surely hone in on the best leggings for different activities (some more athleisure than athletic), and now I'm here to let you in on all my secrets. Below, I'm breaking down seven ways I might wear leggings on any given week and telling you why I chose seven specific styles that stand out. That way, whether shopping or spinning is your cardio, you'll have the right gear.

Read on for the leggings I swear by!