This Is Where Our Editors Discover All Their Cheap Leggings



Sure, we spend a lot of time sitting side by side, taking meetings, and chatting all things fashion, but that doesn't mean Who What Wear's team of editors thinks about fashion the same way. We each have our own unique sense of style, along with our own list of go-to places to shop for trends and everyday staples. One piece that we all have in our closest: a great pair of leggings. While some of us wear them to brunch, others to yoga, and others on a 10k run, we all consider this athleisure staple to be a key piece in our wardrobes.

So where does each of us turn when we're looking for a comfortable and flattering pair of leggings under $100? Well, as it turns out, there are plenty of options. Below each member of team Who What Wear shares the spot they always rely on for affordable leggings. No matter what your own personal style may be, we've found (and worn) the leggings for you. Read on to check out our favorites below!