The One Fabric to "Avoid at All Costs" During an Interview

what not to wear to an interview


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Beyond the stresses of finding a job you are interested in, applying, and actually landing the interview, you also have to figure out what you're going to wear. Furthermore, how you're going to let your wardrobe best represent who you are. I recently reached out to a handful of powerful women in the fashion industry for advice on the matter, and one woman's quote stood out among the rest.

Candice Fragis, buying and merchandising director at Farfetch, touched on not only what kinds of outfits one should wear but also on the fabrics you absolutely shouldn't wear—one fabric, to be exact. "Being comfortable and presenting who you really are is key to making you feel confident and giving insight into the real you. However, the other lesson learned was silk is always a bad idea in an interview scenario. When you are nervous, you heat up, and silk only makes it worse, so avoid it at all costs!" Candice informed us. So as tempted as you may be to slip into your favorite silk piece for your next interview, take it from a pro and just, well, don't.

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