What No One Tells You About Going to Fashion School

When we think about fashion school as portrayed by popular culture, most of us can’t help but refer to reality shows like The Hills, which have glossed over the experience and left out the hard work that’s required from serious design students. Living in New York City—a hub for fashion students due to the presence of schools like Parsons, Pratt, and FIT—has provided me with a more realistic picture of what life pursuing fashion design is like, as it quickly became clear that it’s more rigorous than we might think.

Curious about how these students juggle their massive workloads and what compels them to do so in the first place, I decided to speak to the uber-talented blogger Maria Van Nguyen, now in her senior year at Parsons, to find out what her life is really like—fashion school stereotypes aside.

Scroll down to hear what she had to say, and see a selection of beautiful imagery from both a past project and her thesis collection.