The Flattering Outfit Trick to Try With Leggings

I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror as I leave the gym, I'm sweaty, my face is red, but what I'm wearing remains my single saving grace. I'm partial to sleek black leggings and oversize tees, but fashionable celebs have turned me onto a flattering trick, tying my T-shirt up to reveal the slightest sliver of skin between my high-waisted bottoms and a slouchy top.

Instantly, my outfit feels a bit more purposeful, fashion-forward, and—oh yeah—flattering. Together, the gathered tee and leggings create a flattering hourglass while the crop highlights the narrowest part of the waist. While usually, I might hesitate to wear something both fitted and skin-baring while casually out and about, the look flatters without ever feeling too flashy.

While we all have our own journeys to body acceptance or feeling comfortable in our own skin, I find that working out (no matter the reason) is an instant confidence booster. Blame it on the endorphins, but feeling strong and proud of what my body is able to do seems to overpower whatever insecurities I may have from time to time.

But even if you're not coming from yoga class or a visit to the Spin studio, this two-second trick should hold a spot in your arsenal. Celebs pull out the simple athleisure look while running off-duty errands, too, so grab your favorite tee, twist it and tie it (either low on the hip or higher above your belly button), and you're good to go.

Read on to check out the easy trick and to shop pieces to help you get the look!