Fashion Girls Are Adding a Cute New Detail to Their Clothes

News flash: It's time to forget whatever preconceived notions about monogramming you may have. What was once reserved for preppy tote bags and stationary has been made cool by fashion girls. Let us explain. Monogramming as you know it has gotten the fashion-girl makeover. With bloggers, street style regulars, and celebrities adding their names and initials to their clothing and accessories, the personalized touch is officially having a moment. On top of that, more cool brands than ever are offering their own monogramming services, oftentimes for free (or for a small fee). Madewell recently introduced a $10 denim monogramming program for adorning its wide assortment of jeans and the like, and Burberry will monogram the inside of a trench coat with purchase of a new one. Otherwise, your local monogramming business is your best bet.  

Whether splashed across the back of a bomber jacket, stamped subtly onto a leather handbag, or stitched into the waistband of a pair of jeans, it's time to reintroduce this cute detail into your life.

Scroll down to see our dos and don'ts of monogramming in 2016, and to see the trend in action. And last but not least, shop our picks of stylish pieces that are perfect for adding a monogram!

What would you be most likely to have monogrammed? Tell us in the comments below!