Simone Biles's Nike Video Is So Moving

America’s most talked-about athlete this summer, gymnast and gold medalist Simone Biles, stars in Nike’s Unlimited series, which features world-class athletes and the stories of how they made their dreams a reality. In the nearly two-minute video, we watch Biles go from doing flips in her home as a child to mastering her current intense training sessions. As she preps for Olympic victories to the tune of fellow Houston native Beyoncé’s music, her mother, Nellie Biles, discusses her daughter’s incredible accomplishments: “In gymnastics, discipline is a big thing, and she’s very driven, she’s very focused, but she likes to have fun.”

The inspiring video clip is also emotional and telling of Biles’s dedication to the sport. “I’ve seen her, from the time she was 6, putting everything into this sport,” her mom says. “And when I see how dedicated she is, it humbles me. I always tell her, don’t forget to be the best, Simone. Just be the best.”

Check out the moving Nike video below and keep scrolling to shop her training look.



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Opening Image: Harry How/Getty Images

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