I've Done the Research—These Are the 8 Best Shoes to Wear With Midi Dresses

It's bizarre to think that there was a time when midi dresses weren't as prevalent as they are now, but such a time did exist, and I practically shudder at the thought. Without midi dresses, my wardrobe would certainly be a less fabulous place. My outfits would probably involve jeans at any given turn. But thankfully, midi dresses are considered a closet staple—one which I certainly get endless wear out of. As easy as they are to throw on, you still need to consider how to style your midi dresses, and perhaps the most important component of any midi-dress look is shoes.

Now, more shoes work with midi dresses than ones that don't, so this isn't a styling dilemma you need to lose sleep over. That said, there are some shoe styles I think work especially well with midi dresses. What are these wonder shoes, you ask? Handily, I've detailed them for you below.

After hours of research, I believe these are the eight elite shoes to wear with midi dresses, be it for evenings out or casual daytime pursuits. Scroll on to see them and never second-guess which shoes to pair with your favourite midi dress again.

1. Loafers

Style Notes: I live in my Gucci loafers, but something I never know is if they suit my midi and maxi dresses. What I have realised, however, is that chunky loafers that help to balance out the fabric and silhouette of midi dresses work especially well. 

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If you're looking for a way to ground a floaty summer dress, loafers are the way to do it. 

You'd never guess these were from the high street. 

2. Slingbacks

Shoes to Wear with Midi Dresses: @abimarvel wears a beige knit dress with crystal slingback shoes



Style Notes: Nineties-style kitten-heel slingbacks are all the rage this season, with Gucci's crystal-encrusted pair continuing to win over the style set. Although delicate, they work well with midi dresses, as the open back stops them from looking clunky. 

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You can dress this knitted midi up or down. 

3. Clogs

Shoes to Wear with Midi Dresses: @monikh wears a yellow dress with Birkenstock clogs



Style Notes: Birkenstock Bostons are a hot-ticket item this season, and I have a feeling as to why: their versatility. Naturally, they pair seamlessly with jeans and even puddle pants, but as Monikh demonstrates here, they also look the stylish part worn with midi dresses. 

I invested in a Cubi handbag earlier this year, and it's the perfect style for carrying all my essentials. 

These mocca-brown Bostons have just a had a restock. 

4. Classic Trainers

Shoes to Wear with Midi Dresses: @oliviafaeh wears a pair of Converse trainers with a knitted midi dress



Style Notes: Trainers and dresses are a combination Brit girls love to wear, and while I don't think there's a combination that you can go wrong with, I am partial to midi dresses styled with high-top trainers, such as Converse. Like boots, they create a more seamless finish. 

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We've already found five ways to style this. 

This bag continues to dominate my IG feed. 

Fashion people have been showing Converse trainers serious love this season. 

5. Flat Boots

Shoes to Wear with Midi Dresses: @smythsisters wears a brown midi dress with chunky, lug-sole boots



Style Notes: If you're worried your midi dresses don't look particularly "cool," a pair of chunky, lug-sole boots will sort that out immediately. Plus, they'll be your saving grace on any questionable weather days. 

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This classic button-through style will feel timeless in any season. 

The height of these Chelsea boots will help to keep the chill at bay, as they should sit just where your midi dress lands. 

6. Strappy Sandals

Style Notes: Be it a wedding to attend or a night out to prep for, my go-to outfit always consists of a midi dress and strappy sandals. Sandals in classic colours will complement just about any midi dress style I can think of; I prefer to style mine with A-line dress silhouettes, just as Karina has here. 

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The airy linen is perfect for the warmer summer months. 

The ideal way to accessorise any after-dark outfit. 

Keep the straps thin for an elevated finish. 

7. Platforms

Shoes to Wear with Midi Dresses: @jen_wonders wears a blue knitted dress with platform boots



Style Notes: If you're petite like me, try balancing out longer midi hemlines with a pair of platform shoes. For the cooler months I recommend doing so in boot form, but for right now, platform sandals will work just as well.

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This pair comes in classic white and black, plus bold yellow and pink. 

8. Knee-High Boots

Shoes to Wear with Midi Dresses: @sasha.mei wears black leather knee boots with a midi dress



Style Notes: Knee boots work with just about any skirt and dress silhouette going, but they look their sleekest with midi styles, which reveal a flash of what's underneath. 

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Rixo is always our go-to for printed midis. 

A brand that knows a great pair of shoes. 

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This post was previously published and has since been updated.