Mark My Words: This Simple Summer Shoe Trend Just Might Replace Black Sandals

It is well-known among my fellow editors at Who What Wear that I have a passion for shoes. Some people are bag collectors, others have a magpie's eye for jewellery, and some specialise in putting together outfits so good that they don't need accessorising at all, but I am undoubtedly a shoe-fiend and that was a trait that didn't serve much of a purpose, that is, until now.

As a team, Who What Wear are dedicated to uncovering the latest trends before anyone else, so you can rest in the knowledge that the legwork has been taken care of and all you need to do is kick back and read, and I'm happy to bring you news on the shoe front that you might just be surprised to hear.


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It's safe to say that we're edging towards summer, and that can mean only one thing–sandal season. But in the year that "quiet luxury" is dominating everything from street style to TV shows, you may be wondering what that means for what we wear on our feet, and there's a clear trend that's been gaining popularity in the last few months and is about to come into it's own–brown sandals.

That's right. No bells, whistles, or outlandish embellishments, the simple brown sandal is becoming one of the most sought after, expensive-looking shoe styles right now, and it could quite likely challenge the classic black leather sandal for top dog this summer. 


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From Zara's barely-there metal toe-ring sandals to The Row's chunky-soled fisherman sandals, everyone in our feeds seems to be trading in black shoes in favour of luxurious brown, and when you think about it, it does make sense. Yes, black sandals are a forever classic, and the amount of choice is second to none, but brown doesn't get enough credit for its sheer versatility.

From sandy beiges to deep cocoa, brown is the perfect neutral base to go with any colour (including black), and the earthy hue looks exceptionally good with a summer tan. Imagine it with me: a white tank top, ecru jeans and a brown mule. A black bandeau maxi dress, a raffia bag and a deep brown gladiator. A colourful, printed midi skirt that feels too light for severe black? Brown always works. 


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So, before you get dressed tomorrow and reach for the same pair of black sandals you wore yesterday, and the day before that, imagine one of the below pairs with your ensemble and see if it doesn't just make perfect sense. Keep scrolling for the very best brown sandals on the market now, your feet will thank you. 


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