What Does Body Diversity Look Like in Media? 4 Advocates Tell Us Straight

We'll admit it: Body inclusivity is not quite the norm yet when it comes to fashion. Yes, we can currently reference many amazing designers who work continually with women of varying body types, can link to great retailers (affordable and more aspirational) that have expanded its sizes beyond a 10 or 12, and will excitedly celebrate industry leaders challenging the status quo. But while body diversity has come a long away in the last several years, it still has leaps and bounds to make. Exactly how far? Well, we went to the experts to find out.

In order to fully understand just what inclusivity looks like, we turned to those who champion it most. Namely, bloggers. After all, these individual voices—including Nicolette Mason and Marie Denee—are at the forefront of the conversation around style, acceptance, and individuality. And they have been before Lane Bryant's #ImNoAngel campaign, before Ashley Graham was landing covers for Vogue and had her own Barbie, and before designers like Prabal Gurung and Christian Siriano were casting runways that didn't solely consist of traditional industry sample-size women.

So with this is mind, we went directly to the four self-starters, style lovers, and advocates for body diversity below. We asked them to weigh in on how close (or far) fashion currently is to representing all women, if the "plus" label is important, and what their ideal inclusive world looks like. Their answers may or may not surprise you, but they certainly inspire us all to do a little better. Read on.

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It doesn't get more versatile than denim.

How else do you think the fashion industry can improve when it comes to size diversity? Weigh in below, and then catch up with these fashion week moments that were the ultimate signs of girl power.