5 Pro Tips for Shopping Our Favorite Affordable Fashion

Almost a month ago, I posed a question to my co-workers: Where do you find the best under-$100 purchases? Essentially I wanted all their secret spots and to know where they find hidden gems, but among the varied responses, I found it pretty coincidental when multiple editors were quick to call out the same destination: Pixie Market.

Sure, the site is far from new (it launched in 2006), and chances are if you’ve shopped from a Who What Wear story before, you’re familiar with its on-trend styles and wallet-friendly prices. But inspired by my in-office fans, I needed to know a little bit more about what’s in the secret sauce (so to speak) that makes this particular site attractive. Thankfully, Magda Pietrobelli, Pixie Market’s founder and owner came to the rescue.


Pixie Market

As the women behind all things products—“design, production, buying, and merchandising,” she tells us—she provided the lowdown. Below are the best takeaways of what makes the site special, what trends she’s banking on, and tricks to navigate waiting lists and predict the newest exciting arrivals.

What are the pieces on the site that shoppers come back to for again and again and again?

Novelty tops (especially knits), trending outerwear, and statement accessories.

What are the top fall trends Pixie Market is getting behind?

Animal prints (especially leopard), the Western trend, scarf Versace-esque prints, and men’s suiting styles.

Are there any daring trends that you don’t think will appeal to the Pixie Market woman?

Many times in the past I’ve said I would never be caught dead in that, and six months later, I’m wearing it head to toe, so I try to stay non-preachy about trends.

What are a few key insider tips on how to shop Pixie Market?

We launch twice a week (usually Wednesdays and Saturdays), but starting this fall, we will introduce more new styles weekly, so we will launch three to four newsletter of new arrivals per week to our subscribers.

We also have a preorder option on many styles to secure an item in your size and get 15% off the price.

Available in sizes XS to M. Preorder for 15% off.

Some of the items sell out pretty quickly. What’s the deal with the waiting list option?

The waiting list is a way to give our customers what they want through direct communication. If enough people request an item to get remade, it will come back and even in additional colors or sizes. The waiting list is actually not that long of a wait: We restock or remake the styles that are most wanted in less than two weeks.

Add yourself to the waiting list for these.

Add yourself to the waiting list for these.

What can Pixie Market fans look out for next?

Pixie Market has evolved from a multi-brand retailer to a more direct-to-consumer model, which helps us give our customer better quality at a good value. We were lucky enough to partner with a small family–run and –operated factory in Seoul, South Korea, where we have the ability to go from a design sketch to a finished product in as little as two to three weeks. This gives us a lot of flexibility to give our customers what they want now. We also have long-term partnerships with small, quality-driven fashion labels that can modify designs based on our customers’ needs and demands, which helps keep our site refreshed with new fashion drops.

This fall you will definitely see more categories and more curated selection of clothing and accessories, including elevated staples like affordable cashmere. We are also working to develop our own not-so-basic denim line.

Shop more Pixie Market favorites below.