Is This the Legging Trend We Should Avoid?


Reebok; ON NINA DOBREV: Reebok sports bra, leggings, and sneakers

Thanks to the rise of the athleisure trend, it's safe to say leggings officially pass as an article of clothing you can wear beyond the gym (also known as pants). Because of this, we see the rise of various legging trends daily, from corset leggings to nude ones, each of which we are huge proponents of. Basically, there isn't a legging trend as of late we haven't liked. Well, while on a trip to Coachella Valley in Indio, California, with the lovely Reebok team, I had the chance to interview (and work out with, but that's another story) Nina Dobrev, who has recently upped her active lifestyle. And guess what? There is one legging trend she openly hates (more on that later).

Prior to the interview, we all took an intense workout class while decked out in head-to-toe Reebok attire, from our sports bras down to our sneakers. So when it came time for me to finally sit down with Nina, I saw it fitting to chat with her about all things leggings-related.

I initially asked her if there are there certain qualities she looks for when shopping for the most flattering pair of leggings. "I would say high-waisted," she said, "because for me, on my body, and this is as of recently, I've been working out a lot more, so I'm kind of getting a little shadow of an ab, and the high-waisted style helps highlight that one feature that's working for me and leaves a little bit of mystery. Also, I tend to gravitate toward darker colors." So naturally, we had to know one other thing: Are there certain qualities the actress avoids as she's shopping for more and more workout leggings? "Horizontal stripes. Why? We're women. We have hips. Why make them look bigger than they already are?" Historically, Dobrev's opinion is a pretty common one—horizontal stripes aren't typically associated with flattering fits, no matter your body type. Do you agree?

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