Prediction: This Will Be the Legging Look of 2018


Collage Vintage

Leggings: the workout staple that probably lives in your gym bag. For yoga, they can’t be beaten. For a hike, what else would you even consider wearing? While they’re a bona fide fitness must-have, in 2018, we have a feeling that they’ll be seen everywhere—from the gym to the street. And the one style we’re betting will be in your closet soon? Stirrup leggings. In fact, we’ll bet that you’ll be wearing these even on the weekend.

First, hear us out. Every cool-girl brand from Gucci to Y Project to Balenciaga has a pair of stirrups in their repertoire, and that certainly means something. Based on what we saw on the runways, we'd imagine they'll start gaining popularity on the street style scene too. Because they can be paired with everything from a simple turtleneck to a statement top, they’re a surprisingly versatile piece. But the coolest way to wear a pair is by tucking the stirrups under the bottom of heels like fashion girls do.

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