The Shoes Fashion Girls Would Never Wear With Leather Leggings


Collage Vintage

We are guilty of a lot of legging talk here at Who What Wear, including the latest legging trends, how to style leggings, and everything in between. But there is one style that currently has us semi-stumped—leather leggings. When it comes to figuring out how to style leather leggings, the trickiest part is always figuring out what shoes look best when paired with the sleek trend.

As we began to investigate this fashion conundrum a bit more, we discovered that our Who What Wear editors had quite the difference of opinions. Some of the stylish women ahead vowed to never wear heels with leather leggings, while others vowed completely the opposite. This goes to show just how many different approaches you can take when figuring out how to style leather leggings, but here, our editors reveal the shoes they personally would never wear with the style, plus the ones they would.

Go on to find out which shoes our editors would never style with leather leggings.