The Very Specific Way Lululemon Wants You to Shop for Leggings

So you need a new pair of leggings. What elements factor into your decision to settle on a specific pair? Perhaps you zero in on unexpected details like a stirrup silhouette or you debate whether you should go with solid colors or punchy prints. While those aspects will always be important, Lululemon is advocating for a very specific way to shop that you might not have thought about: by considering the feel of the leggings.

In fact, as Business of Fashion reports, the brand’s reorganization of store displays sends a strong message about how you should shop. “The company also revamped its store wall of yoga pants with new fabrics and organized them by how they feel—relaxed, naked, hugged, held-in and tight,” BoF writes. The site interviewed Lululemon’s CEO, who explained the importance of the new organization tactic. When asked about the brand’s newest innovations, CEO Laurent Potdevin said, “The pant wall was the first big move. This is the anchor of our business. It’s doing incredibly well.” So there you have it: Now you have yet another shopping strategy to keep in mind the next time you need a pair of leggings.

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The brand describes these leggings as having a “cool, smooth feel” with great support and coverage.

These leggings feature a “cool-to-the-touch Luxtreme fabric” that’s meant to be extra stretchy and sweat-wicking.

These gray version feels “cottony soft” and is naturally breathable. 

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