Is Life Better When You Dress for Your Zodiac Sign? An Investigation



Look, I know I'm a little behind the times here, but I've become singularly obsessed with my zodiac sign. Perhaps it's an attempt to put some meaning on a constantly confusing reality, or maybe as I'm getting older, I'm looking for ways to explain away my personal issues. ("Whenever I'm annoyed at you, I have to remember you're acting that way because you're such a Capricorn" is something my best friend really did say to me.) I've downloaded the Cosign astrology app, am constantly consulting my horoscope, and have started blaming random things on the moon, sun, and planetary alignment.

But, as someone whose day-to-day work revolves around fashion, I wanted to know: Should I change the way I dress to better align with my Capricorn tendencies? So I enlisted the help of an expert, astrologer and healing artist Erin Tack Shipley, to help break down how to dress for my sign and what changes I can make to make the most out of things. "Astrology can tell me a lot about who a person is energetically and how they want to present and be perceived by others," she says.

Shipley got busy examining my chart, noting that I'm a Capricorn (and for those who really know their zodiac, a Virgo rising, Venus in Capricorn, and Taurus moon). "I can't see you wearing anything too flashy. Subtle flair is key because Capricorn likes to show off without looking like it's trying to," she told me, suggesting that I gravitate toward polished staples (true) and luxe fabrics (also true). "The Virgo rising tempers any ostentatious display of quality because Virgo wants to be seen as more modest or frugal in its presentation. It might even throw on a grungy T-shirt under a blazer." As Shipley continued her description of my style, I was struck by the uncanny fact that, well, she was nailing the way I dress in a way I never expected.

Still, I wanted to spend some time really leaning into her style suggestions, curious to know if I'd find life to be that much easier if I just let my chart do the heavy lifting for me. "It's my hope that dressing for your sign helps you understand your purpose (ambition and quality) and make quicker decisions about details without worrying about whether you're overthinking it." Below, I'm highlighting a few looks from my Instagram, both pre-test and while following her advice, to see how things stacked up.