5 Expert Tips for Advancing Your Career in Fashion

Looking to land your dream job in the fashion industry? Of course you are. But as with most things worth pursuing, the road ahead can be challenging. While there’s no set path to the top, there are some universal tips that anyone can use to help take their career to the next level, whether they want to be an editor, a buyer, or even an artist. To this end, SOREL has closed out the first chapter of its annual #SORELstyle program, where it paired a hopeful artist with a successful fashion illustrator—one by the name of Katie Rodgers, renowned painter at Paper Fashion

The mentee was Riley Sheehey, a 27-year-old freelance illustrator and elementary school art teacher from Arlington, Virginia, who hopes to turn her love of art into a full-time career. Rodgers not only shared invaluable tips on how to break into this niche field, she also proffered wisdom on how to keep a personal passion alive, how to be an entrepreneur, and even how to best utilize social marketing. 

Ready to jump-start your own creative pursuits? Keep reading for five tips on taking your career to the next level.

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