These Leggings Keep Selling Out Overnight

It's no secret that athleisure is one of the biggest fashion trends of the moment. In fact, it became so popular that the word "athleisure" was added to the dictionary earlier this year. So it should come as no surprise to learn that one under-the-radar brand is constantly selling out of a $125 style of leggings.

ADAY's Throw & Roll leggings have sold out twice, making them one of the brand's best-selling pieces. The company website restocked the shopper fave for the third time last week, and chances are, it will be out of stock in no time. This atheleisure brand sets itself apart by sourcing the most technically advanced fabrics and designs from factories in the U.S., UK, and Portual. The Thow & Roll leggings feature Olympic-standard bonded seams and an ultra-comfortable double-layered waistband. These leggings go above and beyond boasting sweat-wicking, UV-protective, pill-resistant, breathable fabric. Now that's what we call overachieving.

Keep scrolling to shop the ADAY Throw & Roll leggings before they sell out yet again.

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Opening Image: ADAY