I Went to France and Saw Everyone Wearing These 5 Basics on the Streets of Paris


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I recently took a lovely holiday to Paris. When I got back, my friends and family asked me about my favourite part of the trip. I naturally rattled off all of the delicious food I ate and the museums I visited. But I also noted my adoration for simply sitting at a cafe and watching the street style. As a lover of French style (that effortless je ne sais quoi is just so covetable), I adored seeing how Parisians dress in their day-to-day.

While the types of looks I saw ran the gamut, many of the ensembles featured effortless basics that Parisians are known for wearing to look chic. There were actually five specific styles I spotted the most on the streets of Paris. Below you’ll uncover the list, along with visual inspiration. I also shopped out each of the basics in question if you’re interested in adding a fresh style to your wardrobe.

1. Double-Breasted Blazers


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Style Notes: The temperature was in the 10s for most of my time in Paris, so layering pieces were key. I saw double-breasted blazers everywhere—especially with simple tops and jeans. A blazer brings instant polish to any look.

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2. Simple Skirts


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Style Notes: Skirts were incredibly popular teamed with sneakers, flats and boots. The style sort of ranged—either simple knit styles or in satin.

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3. Relaxed Button-Up Shirts


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Style Notes: The button-up shirt (particularly in relaxed cuts) reigned supreme in every neighborhood I visited. I noticed a plethora of classic white styles and also blue-striped silhouettes.

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4. Denim Jackets


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Style Notes: Given the slightly cooler temperatures when I visited Paris (especially in the morning and at night), denim jackets seemed to be a go-to choice (in addition to blazers). I noticed many looks where the jacket was buttoned all the way up—almost like an alt to a top.

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5. Baggy Jeans/Trousers


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Style Notes: I saw baggy trousers and denim everywhere—styled most often with flats or sneakers.

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This story was published at an earlier time and has since been updated.

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