Women in Paris Wear These 7 Elegant Basics More Than Anything Else


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French style is consistently alluring given the fashion set's effortless approach to dressing. As a result, we, the editors at WWW, follow a range of Parisians on Instagram for outfit ideas that are easy and chic. After scrolling through a slew of images, it became evident that there are a few elegant basics many women in Paris are wearing and seemingly prioritising over other basics. Oh, and by elegant basics, we're referring to those highly versatile items that are simple but refined and sleek.

Below, you'll uncover the elegant basics in question, showcased by some of our favourite French follows. You'll notice that each basic acts as a foundational element in each look and could also be styled with a range of other items. If you're interested in adding one of the pieces to your own capsule wardrobe, there are shopping recommendations that would totally be approved by Parisians.

1. Satin Skirt


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Style Notes: A satin skirt is about as elegant as it gets. You can wear one with anything on top, and you'll have yourself a chic look.

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2. Cinched-In Jacket


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Style Notes: Tailored jackets with a cinched-in silhouette are trending hard right now and create a sleek, refined silhouette.

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3. White T-Shirt


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Style Notes: There's no denying the ease of a white tee. A fitted style like this one is just so elegant with a skirt or pair of jeans.

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4. Blue Button-Down Shirt


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Style Notes: A button-down shirt is inherently chic. While white shirts are a forever favorite among the French style set, blue styles are another top pick.

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5. Wide-Leg/Flared Jeans


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Style Notes: In the denim realm, it's all about wide-leg styles and flared jeans, especially in slightly darker washes, and they feel most elegant with other basics.

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6. Trench Coat


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Style Notes: It probably doesn't come as much of a surprise that a trusty trench coat rounds out this list. You can toss one over any look and give the ensemble a more polished feel.

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7. Ballet Flats


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Style Notes: Ballet flats are a French girl favourite, especially when paired with flowy skirts and maxi dresses in the warmer months.

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