Tonnes of New Products Landed on My Desk This Month, But These 10 Were the Best

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There's no doubt that the best part of being a beauty editor is getting to try the latest beauty innovations. Beauty journalists are amongst some of the (very lucky) first to test out new launches, often weeks or even months ahead of a product's launch date. Whether it's the latest high-tech skincare, the very best hairstyling tools or the most coveted makeup and fragrance brands, there's a real rush of excitement whenever a parcel arrives at the Who What Wear UK office.

From bronzers and the best nail polishes to mega moisturisers and cleansers, between myself and our network of beauty experts, virtually no launch goes untested. But with so many new drops every single day, each with claims as groundbreaking as the next, how is anyone actually supposed to know what's any good? Even as a beauty editor, it can often be overwhelming with the sheer amount of choice we're now presented with.


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To cut through the noise, I've put the latest launches and products to the test to see if they're really worth your hard-earned money—because splashing out and ending up with a beauty dud is so disappointing. I dedicated some time this month to testing, trialling and monitoring every single launch that came my way so that I could put all of the best new products into one convenient space. So, if you want to find out which of the best new beauty products made a lasting impression on this tough-to-please editor this month, then you've come to the right place.


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Ahead, keep scrolling for the 10 best new beauty products of the month.

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I inevitably become obsessed with every single thing Beauty Pie brings out, and its latest collaboration with Sam Chapman features a curated edit of nine very wearable and easy-to-use makeup products, from soft matte liquid lipsticks to creamy metallic eye pigments that are sure to provide your makeup bag with a modern update. My top pick is this versatile red-brown lip and cheek stick which can be used on cheeks and lips to lend a sheer, glossy hint of colour on the go. It's been formulated to work on all skin tones and can be layered to build colour intensity, and the finish is simply stunning.

I've been harking on about OPI's new press-on nails to anyone who will listen. After having to give up gel nails after developing an allergy, I've been looking for a long-wearing alternative to replace my in-salon manicures. And these OPI press-ons are it. I kid you not: they lasted almost two weeks, and everyone has asked me if they're gel. They come in a curated edit of chic shades including OPI's classic Bubble Bath and Big Apple Red, as well as different lengths and finishes. They're also reusable, which is a huge bonus. I bought the Throw Me A Kiss set, which has a soft pink chrome effect, and at £16, they've become an affordable way for me to do my nails without any of the fuss, smudging or chipping that comes with polish. Excuse me whilst I go and order all the other shades.

I'm sure my friends are sick of me talking about how much installing a shower filter has transformed my hair and scalp health. If you live in a hard-water area like me, you'll know what a difference it makes when you go abroad and the water is softer. Your hair is softer, your skin feels more comfortable and your scalp is often less irritated. This shower filter allows you to tap into all those benefits without having to relocate by filtering out metals, chlorine and other impurities which can cause issues. It's unlocked smoother hair with more vibrant colour and left my scalp and skin feeling less irritated after showering. It's a very worthwhile investment.

Another hair hero this month is Kérastase's Première Repairing Anti-Frizz Filler Heat Protecting Hair Serum. If like me, frizz is a big bugbear for you, applying this through your lengths before blow-drying will make all the difference. It leaves my hair smooth, silky and with a bounce I've only previously achieved after a salon visit. I love that it has built-in heat protection and works to repair damage, whether from colour, heat or over-processing. I'm particularly fussy about hair products, but this has left my hair so silky and pristine-looking that it now has a permanent spot amongst my products.

In early February, I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at Serge Luten's latest fragrance, La Fille Tour De Fer, which was unveiled in Paris. And it really is a beautiful perfume if you're big on rose or iris notes. The fragrance's name translates as The Iron Tower Girl, and it's inspired by the stark lines of the Eiffel Tower, conjuring a rebellious Parisian with pink berry essence, Turkish and Bulgarian rose and a generous dose of iris. It's powdery and floral with a defiant streak, and I know I'll want to embrace that energy as we head into spring.

Skincare queen Caroline Hirons has launched not one but two new acid-based toners: The Control Acid and The Gentle Acid. My acne-prone skin has been experiencing some stubborn congestion around my cheeks, and this is doing an amazing job at de-clogging blocked pores and reducing excess oil all without irritating its sensitive side. Now that my skin has cleared, I'm using it as a preventive treatment to halt breakouts and blackheads in their tracks before they form. For those who require gentle exfoliation for a healthy glow, The Gentle Acid (£49) is a must-try, with PHAs and antioxidants to unlock radiance without causing irritation.

Since Reome launched with its Active Recovery Broth (truly one of the best serums I have ever tried), I've become utterly obsessed with the brand. From the chic packaging to the efficacious bio-fermented ingredients, it's become a staple in my routine when my skin needs to be restored and soothed. So you can imagine my excitement when the brand launched its cleanser this month. Three Suns Balm is a cream-balm cleanser that feels so incredibly luxurious that I actually look forward to taking off my makeup. It leaves skin thoroughly cleansed yet hydrated and supple, and the formula contains bioflavonoids and bioactive ingredients to nourish the skin. I'm recommending this to everyone with dry skin in need of extra moisture from their cleansing step. As it's a cream cleanser, this may be too heavy for your skin if you're oily or acne-prone.

This cleanser was just as sensorial as I was expecting a Tatcha launch to be. With a jelly-like texture, it's formulated with willow bark and Japanese coix to decongest pores, reduce oiliness and help control shine throughout the day. I've been enjoying it as my morning cleanser and as a second cleanse at night after removing my makeup. It leaves your skin feeling cleansed and smooth without any tightness, which can often be the case with gel cleansers aimed at reducing oil. In fact, I've noticed my makeup looking better throughout the day, and the dreaded shine is indeed mitigated.

Glow Recipes's TikTok-viral Dew Drops now come in a tinted bronze hue, and I'm obsessed. With spring just around the corner, I find myself wanting to reach for lightweight base products that give me a glow without the faff and heaviness of foundation, and this is one of those products. If you're unfamiliar with the OG formula, it has a hydrating gel texture with niacinamide to leave skin instantly glowy and impart a long-term radiance too. This variation has the addition of a bronze hue, which I'll admit looks a little scary in the first instance, but it blends out into a transparent glow that leaves skin gently sunkissed. It's ideal for when you don't want to apply a full face of makeup but still want a light glow.

As a loyal fan of Paula's Choice's iconic BHA Liquid Exfoliant, I've been excited to try this newest launch, which uses mandelic and lactic acids to soothe, gently exfoliate and brighten the skin. Impressively, it has been clinically proven to improve skin texture, enhance its barrier and brighten the complexion after eight weeks. I can attest that it really does leave skin soothed and radiant, and I've seen a great improvement in my skin texture from past acne scarring. Unlike other acids, mandelic has a larger molecule size, which makes it gentler on the skin, and it's also a great exfoliating alternative to those with darker skin tones, which can be prone to post-inflammatory pigmentation with glycolic acid-based treatments. It also contains lactic acid which helps to gently exfoliate and give the skin a radiant glow.