I'm Obsessed With Merit Beauty—Here Are My Honest Thoughts On Every Product


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If my makeup takes any longer than 10 minutes to apply, I'm going to be mad about it. As somebody who spends a lot of time sampling and testing makeup products (it's a tough life being a beauty editor, what can I say?), I want to keep my daily makeup routine as easy and simple as possible. In my opinion, the best makeup products are ones that have the power to make you look awake, fresh-faced and pulled together in just a few minutes. I want to scribble them on, blend with my fingers and be good to go. And that, my beauty-loving friends, is why Merit Beauty is my go-to makeup brand. 

If I were to move to a desert island and was only permitted one makeup brand to take with me, it would be Merit Beauty, so I'm stocking up on some of my favourite Merit products and kits. Previously only available to shop in North America, Merit Beauty finally landed on UK shores this year. After years of hearing my U.S. beauty pals wax lyrical about Merit Beauty's no-fuss, foolproof products, it's finally available to us Brits. And trust me when I say this is something to celebrate.


(Image credit: @shannonlawlor )

Shannon Lawlor wearing a full face of Merit Beauty.

You see, I've been testing and trialling Merit Beauty for a couple of months now, and I truly believe it is one of the best makeup brands I have ever used. With a carefully curated selection of easy-to-use, time-saving makeup products, Merit Beauty caters to those (like me) who want their beauty routine to feel luxurious and indulgent, without eating into too much of their time. 

The best bit? The results are effortlessly natural-looking. With super-creamy formulas housed in speedy sticks, the base products melt in, leaving behind a glowing, skin-like finish. The lip products, on the other hand, deliver a plumping hydration that doesn't feel sticky or even a little bit uncomfortable. The products create a look that makes your face look instantly more alive whilst ensuring skin still looks like skin. There's not a hint of greasiness or tackiness to any of the formulas, either—just hydrated comfort. Basically, Merit Beauty is my happy place.

If any of what I've said rings true, keep scrolling for a run down of the best Merit Beauty products out there—you won't regret a single purchase. 


1. Merit Beauty Great Skin Instant Glow Serum

2. Merit Beauty The Minimalist

3. Merit Beauty Bronze Balm

4. Merit Beauty Flush Balm

5. Merit Beauty Day Glow

6. Merit Beauty Brow 1980

7. Merit Beauty Clean Lash

8. Merit Beauty Solo Shadow

9. Merit Beauty Signature Lip

10. Merit Beauty Shade Slick

11. Merit Beauty Brush No.1

12. Merit Beauty Brush No.2

Shop Merit Beauty Sets:

The Full Collection Set

Five Minute Morning Set

The Weekday Set

The Complexion Set

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