How to Shop Online Without Having to Return Everything

As someone who basically shops for a living, I constantly have friends asking me to help them find things they’re looking for. And whether it’s a T-shirt or a ball gown, the first thing I always say is, “Have you checked online?” Because in my opinion, the Internet the easiest and most efficient place to shop—and the options are endless.

What I’ve learned over time, however, is that many people don’t like shopping online as much as I (and my colleagues) do, and when asked why, they usually say it’s because they hate having to return things. That’s where I stop them. Yes, it’s certainly easy to get caught up in online shopping and accidentally order too much stuff, most of which you will probably have to return—we’ve all had an ASOS package arrive that’s the size of a large appliance. But if you approach it the right way, that scenario is easy to avoid.

Scroll through for four easy tips that will help you avoid buying things you’d end up returning.