I'm So Sorry, But Neon Is Back



Here's something you maybe weren't expecting to hear: You'll be wearing neon very soon. Garishly bright hues might have taken the backseat to minimalist camels, creams, and even soft pastels, but this summer, things are going high-voltage. The key to pulling off neon pieces in 2018 is finding a way to make all that saturation work in your favor. Wearing color head to toe, whether it be coordinating or clashing, is surprisingly the easiest way to get in on the trend.

While embracing full-on color can seem intimidating, try styling similar hues together in brighter and softer tones like a soft yellow with a highlighter hue or a dusty pink with a bright bubblegum. Below you'll find seven outfit ideas to help you embrace the neon hues that will be major for summer and some shopping ideas so you can try out the look.

Head to Toe



While full-on color might be intimidating, matching from head to toe is actually one of the easiest ways to test out the trend. Keep accessories simple and you're good to go.

Pick and Choose a Piece



A one-and-done method is ideal for testing this trend, so try going for a dress in a bold pink or yellow. Need something a little pared back? Try a bag or sunglasses. 

Know Your Colors



Since neon hues can feel like a big commitment, pick your go-to color and stick with it. Whether it be something warm like a yellow or orange or a cooler hue, know what works with your skin tone.

Clash Your Colors



Feeling especially adventurous? Consider clashing neon hues in unexpected ways. Things will come together despite any initial misgivings.

Finish With White Shoes



Unsure of what to style with something so colorful? One easy trick is to finish off a neon ensemble with a pair of white shoes. Simple and summery without drawing too much attention away from the rest of your look.

Add simple accessories



If you find brighter hues particularly intimidating, try styling with natural materials like wicker or simple accessories like metal hoops or a summery net bag. 

Try Tonality



If you're looking to try the trend without doing too much shopping, try going tonal by layering similar-hued styles already sitting in your closet. Suddenly, pieces you never before would have worn together work seamlessly.

Available in sizes 0 to 4. 

Now you're all set to try the trend.