How to Organize Your Wardrobe and Feel Better About Life

If one of your resolutions is to clean out your closet once and for all, professional organizer Marie Kondo is here to help give you that extra push to purge. As Harper’s Bazaar exclusively pointed out, Marie is following up her crazy-popular The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up with a second book, Spark Joy, for American audiences, out tomorrow.

In Harper’s Bazaar’s featured excerpt, Marie explains exactly how to create a clothes closet that sparks joy. The storing part, she says, is easy; she expresses the importance of hanging valuable clothes on hangers and folding as many others as possible to save space alongside “komono” (which means miscellany) items in drawers. She goes on to explain what you should do if you have a walk-in closet.

When she speaks about her approach to closets in general, she references her own experiences. Mainly, discovering an illustration of the ultimate Japanese closet storage, called “Closet Ideas,” which showed a closet with a bookcase inside it. “The illustration embodied my theory that the closet should be considered an extension of the room. It is a marvelous storage space that can be decorated just like a room and concealed behind closed doors,” she said. So genius. You'll love your closet so much more if it embodies what the rest of your home looks like.

Check out more from the book here, and scroll below to peep the illustration Marie uses as a reference for closet organization. Try her techniques and we bet you’ll feel so much better about your own wardrobe—it may just spark new joy you didn’t know existed.

What's your trick for organizing your closet? We want to hear. Let us know in the comments below. And if you're feeling inspired to shop for a new closet organizer, check out the offering at IKEA now.

Opening Image: The Coveteur