The Last 5 Things I Ordered Were From Instagram—Let Me Explain


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If you’re anything like me, your phone is probably flooded with screenshots from Instagram. Photos of restaurants for an upcoming reservation, memes that make me literally LOL, and destinations to add to my growing travel bucket list are all in the mix, but mostly it’s pictures of cool outfits and pieces of clothing I have my eye on. For me, Instagram has completely changed the experience of shopping. Ahead, I’m breaking down how.

First, Instagram has allowed me to discover new brands. When I was growing up, my exposure to designers was pretty limited. In Arizona, there were the local chain stores at the mall where I went for most of my purchases but also specialty stores that carried notably cooler designers hand-picked by the owners. Those small boutiques were always where I went to discover something new but are nothing in comparison to what’s out there on Instagram. Designers no longer have to jump through the hoops of the retail system. Now, they can more easily sell pieces directly to consumers on their own websites while using Instagram as a grassroots marketing tool. This is exactly how I was able to discover brands like Réalisation and Staud.

I’ve also been able to utilize Instagram as a place for following my style icons. In the past, I collected magazines to see photos of what my favorite celebrities were wearing. But by the time I read them, the pictures were usually dated and the pieces weren't within my budget. Now, Instagram has created a whole new way to experience fashion. Through the platform, I’ve been able to identify people who are my fashion heroes—people like Aimee Song, Nicole Warne, and Eleonora Carisi who I look to for inspiration. The best part is being able to see what they’re wearing in real life and in real time. It’s like having a stylist in your pocket whose taste you can always trust. After Jeanne Damas posted a photo on Instagram wearing a wrap dress from Reformation, I ordered it on the spot. Same with a Pixie Market top I spotted on Who What Wear’s editor in chief, Kat Collings.

Finally, I think Instagram is disrupting the fashion landscape in interesting new ways that truly change the way we shop. I can think of no better example than Karla Welch’s launch of xKarla with Hanes. After she teased out a new line of T-shirts on Instagram—shot on everyone from Justin Bieber to Kaia Gerber—I knew I needed to order one. When the brand offered a day of free delivery on Postmates, I opened the app, ordered a shirt, and had it delivered to my apartment within the hour. Instagram has certainly changed the way I experience fashion and shop already, but I’ll be interested to see what lies ahead.

Go on to shop some of my favorite shopping discoveries from Instagram.

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