How You Should Spend Your Tax Return

Tax time is upon us, and you know what that means—an excuse to go shopping and spend some hard-earned cash guilt-free. While it’s advisable to put some of your refund away for a rainy day, we’re not your accountant, so we won’t judge if you blow it all on something fabulous. Some people choose holidays, others choose to invest—we suggest splurging on a designer piece—something timeless, that you can keep forever.

Depending on what you can expect to receive from the Tax Man, we've bundled our edit into three separate categories.

Keep scrolling for our definitive list of the timeless accessories you’ll never regret buying.

We've seen two-strap heels around for long enough to know they're not going anywhere. A classic style you'll never stop wearing.

A beautiful scarf that will lift every outfit.

Made from incredibly soft, supple leather, a pair of loafers are an instant classic. You'll wear these everywhere from work, to the weekends.

This cuff is the ultimate fashion-girl accessory. If an Hermès bag is out of the question (the ultimate luxury), go for the cuff instead. It's just as timeless, but a fraction of the price.

One of the original 'It-bags'. Since this handbag was snapped on the arm of everyone from Nicole Richie to Kim Kardashian, it's become a staple in Balenciaga's collections. Proof that it's going nowhere, and worth the investment.

Quite possibly the most-perfect leather jacket ever created. The super-soft leather means this piece will just get better and better the longer you wear it.

First created in 1970, the Cartier Love series has become an icon for elegance and romance. And what's more romantic than treating yourself to something this special?

Think of this bag as the new version of the classic Louis Vuitton luggage set. The best part is, you'll actually use it way more than the luggage set.

This watch is set with round brilliant diamonds and is basically the definition of modern-day luxury. Buy this, and you'll be able to hand it down for generations.

What will you be spending your tax return on? Share in the comments below!

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