A Photographer Evaluated My Selfies—Here Are My Mistakes



It wasn't all that long ago that the word selfie entered our lexicon. But in the Instagram era, it's hard to scroll through your feed without a close-up shot of someone's face or outfit.

These shots may seem especially spur-of-the-moment, but nailing the details (lighting, background, and pose) are all crucial parts of creating the perfect selfie. And while there's no wrong way to snap yourself, technically speaking, there are always those technical elements to keep in mind.

So what are the mistakes we often make? I tapped the ever-inspiring and cool photographer Tory Rust to offer up some tips. While Rust admittedly doesn't "personally take many selfies," she has an eye for what makes a photo pop.

Below, Rust took a look at a few of my personal selfies (no shame in playing guinea pig here) and offered up a few tips that we can all apply to our next selfie endeavoring.

Read on for Tory's three tips for upping your selfie game, and then shop items begging for a feature on your Instagram!

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