A Parisian Wishes American Girls Would Stop Wearing This



At the moment, it seems there is no group of women who spark curiosity and serve as a source of inspiration quite like the French. From the dresses they wear to their take on easy dressing, we can't deny that there's inspiration abound. And while we've talked to our Parisian peers about what they do wear, we're equally curious about the things they don't.

So we tapped Melanie Viallon to offer a little insight. Viallon is the chief creative officer of Les Lunes, a French brand with offices in both Paris and San Francisco, so she has first-person insight into the things Americans wear that the French just don't.

"Keeping some mystery is very French," Viallon notes. "A great tip we have in France is to always keep at least one thing that will differentiate ourselves from each other."

Below, she highlights three major differences between U.S. fashion and that across the pond. And while we know that not every French woman fits that je ne sais quoi stereotype, we think you'll find Viallon's insights enlightening.

Read on for three things a French woman wishes Americans would stop wearing, and then shop pieces to get the French look.