Ready for a Handbag Upgrade? Here Are 9 Buzzy Bags Just as Chic the Row's Margaux

it bags 2024
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As fashion editors, we're often overwhelmed by the sheer amount of newness that we're bombarded with seasonally, monthly and in some cases, even weekly. Amidst the constant chatter around the next trending brand or #aesthetic, it can be a nice change to slow the pace and focus on the kind of investment we know we'll wear (or carry) forever.

At Who What Wear UK, we want to change the way you think about shopping by focusing on longevity and wearability instead of flash-in-the-pan buys, and there is nothing with more staying power than a good designer handbag. We can scale back the number of clothes we buy (and a streamlined capsule wardrobe is the ultimate goal), but a luxe bag is the anti-trend key to always looking expensive, and you can bet that an outfit-elevating handbag will never go out of style.

it bags 2024

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Granted, designer bags do not come cheap, so before you part with your hard-earned money, it's well worth doing your research into a bag you'll treasure for a lifetime. And whilst there are the classics that only increase in value over time, you might be tempted by one of the new kids on the block that we're particularly excited about in 2024.

Unless you've been taking a break from social media, it's more than likely you've seen The Row's Margaux—the breakout bag of 2023—time and again, and I'm still besotted with it. Still, I've spotted several new launches that are guaranteed to get your hearts aflutter and will look good for just as long as The Row's pared-back best seller. From the sleek and sophisticated Ferragamo Hug to the latest release from "new" Gucci, keep scrolling to see the nine new It bags that are set to become modern classics this year.

1. Gucci Blondie

It bags 2024: Gucci Blondie

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Style Notes: Should you have missed Sabato de Sarno's highly anticipated Cruise 2025 show at London's Tate Modern this week, the one thing we spotted in amongst the sheer, pussybow blouses and pretty ballerina flats was the brand's latest bag offering—the Blondie. Introduced on the runway to a soundtrack of Blondie (obviously), this simple yet refined logo bag comes in shoulder, top handle, pouch and crossbody variations, so there's one to meet every requirement.

Shop the Gucci Blondie:

2. Loewe Squeeze

It bag 2024: loewe squeeze

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Style Notes: A lot of It bags have come out of JW Anderson's tenure at Loewe over the years, but the one thing you can expect from any Loewe bag is an eye-catching silhouette. The Squeeze isn't the brand's most recent bag (and personally, I'm debating whether or not to invest in the raffia Puzzle), but the slouchy, cloud-like shoulder bag continues to be produced in different sizes and colours to meet demand—a clear indication that this bag has the fashion crowd's stamp of approval, and might just be one for the ages.

Shop the Loewe Squeeze:

3. Prada Tote Bag

It bags 2024: Prada tote

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Style Notes: If there was ever a bag that could give the Margaux a run for her money, it's Prada's leather tote bag. Do the two bear a passing resemblance? Social media certainly thinks so. But Prada's medium size still comes in around £800 cheaper than The Row's smallest Margaux, and when every penny counts, it's well worth the difference (particularly if you think about cost per wear). Of all the bags on this list, it's the minimalist, understated design that caught my eye the most, and you know the classic shape and practical size will still be as chic in 10 years' time.

Shop the Prada Tote:

4. Bottega Veneta Canvas Andiamo

it bags 2024: bottega andiamo

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Style Notes: Matthieu Blazy has turned Bottega's handbag department into a greatest hits collection, but the latest update of the popular Andiamo bag is guaranteed to cause a stir this summer. Buttery soft leather totes are a mainstay in our wardrobes, but lighter fabrications make sense when temperatures rise—enter the reissued Andiamo in fresh canvas. And wait, what's that? A backpack version too? You spoil us, Mr Blazy.

Shop the Bottega Veneta Andiamo in Canvas:

5. Burberry Rocking Horse

it bags 2024: burberry rocking horse

(Image credit: @jastookes)

Style Notes: As Burberry moves into a fresh new phase under Daniel Lee, you can still expect the same timeless practicality from its bags and accessories that put the brand on the map in the first place, albeit with a modern update. The Rocking Horse bag is a case in point, as this sleek shoulder bag boasts an elegant saddle shape for a nod to its tongue-in-cheek name. Finally, a trendy bag that holds all of the essentials and nothing more, so you needn't lug about an XXL sack.

Shop the Burberry Rocking Horse:

6. Loro Piana Extra Pocket L Pouch

it bags 2024: loro piana L

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Style Notes: Should you have tried, you'll know just how difficult it is to get your hands on Loro Piana's L pouch right now. Almost sold out on the brand's site, it's currently whipping up a frenzy on Instagram amongst those drawn to the ultimate quiet-luxury accessory (and that includes celeb fans like Sofia Richie Grainge and Gigi Hadid). Not bad for a teeny top-handle that was first released just a year ago.

Shop the Loro Piana Extra Bag L27:

7. Alaīa Le Teckel

It bags 2024: alaia teckel

(Image credit: @erinoffduty)

Style Notes: If you've got your heart set on an Alaïa Le Teckel, the good news is that they're finally back after a brief hiatus and immediately selling out worldwide. Now in more colourways than before, this beautiful "east-west"-style bag kicked off a trend for the shallow but wide ladylike top-handle, and although it isn't quite Jacquemus' ultra-tiny Le Chiquito bag, it is a return to the dinky purses we'd expect for spring/summer.

Shop the Alaïa Le Teckel:

8. Ferragamo Hug

it bags 2024: ferragamo hug

(Image credit: @camillecharriere)

Style Notes: It doesn't really matter which particular style you choose here—if it's a Ferragamo hug with shiny hardware, it's instantly iconic. Like the Loro Extra Pocket Pouch, the Hug is still relatively new, but it's already had a notable impact, helping to make Ferragamo an It-girl favourite. Classy and timeless, the roomy tote or cute crossbody comes in so many colours that it's difficult to keep up, but it's undoubtedly a great investment.

Shop the Ferragamo Hug:

9. Jimmy Choo Cinch

it bags 2024: jimmy choo

(Image credit: @jimmychoo)

Style Notes: Jimmy Choo will forever be synonymous with luxury shoe design, but those who haven't explored its bag offering are most definitely missing out. There are dressy shoulder bags, beachy raffia shoppers and of course, the party-ready Bon Bon; but the latest style may be the brand's most iconic bag in the making. The drawstring Cinch comes in every iteration from a mini bucket to an everyday size. Expect to see much more of this bag this year.

Shop the Jimmy Choo Cinch:

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