If You're Going to Invest In One Bag in 2024, My Vote's for Bottega Veneta


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Throughout my early 20s working in fashion, I was under the misguided impression that designer bags weren't worth the hype. Too many people had told me horror stories about their expensive handbags that peeled or completely fell apart and cost a fortune to have repaired. It wasn't until Matthieu Blazy took on the role of creative director at Bottega Veneta in 2020 that my perspective began to shift. 

Blazy's designs for the Italian house—from Hailey Bieber's go-to Andiamo to Kendall Jenner's favorite Sardine—immediately caught my eye, admittedly shaking my once-firm bag-related belief system. When I found out in 2022 that Bottega Veneta had launched a Certificate of Craft program, a system that grants handbag customers with unlimited complimentary repairs, my mind was made up. That is how I ended up in Milan, trying on every color and size of the Sardine bag (shown below), all the while phoning anyone I knew in the same time zone for advice and debating with myself in my head.


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I'd never spent that much money on a single item before in my life, and yet, when Arda—the sales associate who didn't once rush the process and patiently brought out bag after bag from the stock room for me—asked for my credit card, I wasn't apprehensive about giving it to him. When he handed over my Certificate of Craft card in return, as well as my brown, medium-size Sardine, wrapped up in the brand's signature bright-green shopping bag, I felt giddy more than regretful. I knew this was an investment that I'd own forever.

Today, my bag collection includes three Bottega Venetas—the Sardine I previously mentioned, a small brown Andiamo, and a burgundy Cobble—that I switch out on a daily basis. Every time I travel, I bring at least one (usually the Andiamo because of how perfect the multiway strap is for navigating airports and new cities) with me. And everywhere I go, I receive either compliments or "Where'd you get that?" inquiries. 

All this is to say that if you're going to invest in one bag this year, my vote will now and forever be to go with one from Bottega Veneta. After all, it comes with a lifetime guarantee, unlimited accolades, and the understanding that any outfit can be saved if one is by your side. From the buzzy options I've already mentioned to the brand's staples like the Pouch and Jodie, everything you need to know about Bottega Veneta's best, most buy-worthy bags is below. 

The Jodie


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A few years ago, when the Jodie bag was all anyone in fashion was wearing, posting, and talking about, I wouldn't have believed you if you told me it'd still be spotted so often years later. The Jodie's done what so many bags have tried and failed to—it's gone past the trend stage and become a timeless favorite that people go back to over and over again. Available in a plethora of sizes, textures, and colors, there's a Jodie for everyone in Bottega Veneta's possession, just waiting to be snatched up. 

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The Andiamo


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The Andiamo bag, which comes in three sizes—small, medium, and large—and a plethora of luxurious colors and textures, isn't like many designer handbags today that lack a sense of practicality. It is both a genuine work of art (look at that bow) and a workhorse. Trust me, I've stuffed an absolutely shocking amount of stuff inside of mine, and it still manages to look pretty, no, gorgeous

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The Pouch


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Bottega Veneta's Pouch bag is another style that's shot past being just "trendy" and become a regular choice in every fashion person's bag rotation. Proof of that can be found on the Instagram feeds of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Hailey Bieber, Lori Harvey, and Jennifer Lopez. 

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The Sardine


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When I think of handbags that deserve to be likened to a work of art, Bottega Veneta's Sardine bag, which first surfaced at the brand's F/W 22 show, immediately comes to mind. Named after the sardine-like shape of its metal handle, this celeb-favorite top-handle features Bottega's signature Intrecciato design in a half-moon shape that's instantly recognizable. And if you really want to get the look down, you simply must score a pair of the brand's matching Sardine earrings.

Shop the matching Sardine Earrings ($1500).

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The Cobble


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If quiet luxury is your aesthetic of choice, go for Bottega Veneta's Cobble bag. Unlike most of the bags on this list, it's not all over or regularly spotted on influencers and celebrities, so it flies under the radar a bit. But that doesn't make it any less covetable. As the proud owner of one, I can say with confidence that this is one of the best everyday bags on the market. It has zipped pockets and divided sections inside for those items you don't want to misplace like your wallet and keys, and the strap can be adjusted to become a crossbody at any time with little to no effort required. 

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The Hop


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Taking two days to make, the Hop bag, which comes in three sizes—mini, small, and large—is fast becoming one of 2024's It bags, mostly thanks to Kylie Jenner, who's been carrying it nonstop. The shape was designed to perfectly mold to the wearer's side, making it a comfortable alternative to every work bag you've tried and failed to make actually work. But if that's not what you're shopping for, there's always the Mini Hop, perfect for nights out with just three Rhode Lip Treatments, your wallet, keys, and mints. Up to you. 

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