The Fashion Items to Keep and Toss in 2018

There’s no better time than the New Year (or, rather, the days leading up to it) to make sure your closet is in tip-top shape. That means that in addition to having all the key trends of the moment, you should also be rid of pieces you haven’t been wearing. After all, you don’t want to start 2018 with a cluttered wardrobe—especially when you need a place to stash all your post-holiday sale finds. To make sure you’re not holding on to any unnecessary items, today we’ve broken down exactly what to toss, sell, or donate, as well as the pieces to keep. A bit nervous? Not to worry—you can think of it as a light cleansing that will ensure an organized year ahead rather than a full-closet overhaul.

Nothing too drastic—we promise! Scroll through to get started.

Toss: Anything Too Small

While something that is too small may never fit again, an oversize piece can be belted or tailored to look totally intentional. 

Toss: Outdated Costume Jewelry

Stop letting old costume jewelry clutter your accessory drawers—instead, curate your pieces to things that retain value such as silky scarves and watches.

Toss: Dated Patterns

Once an of-the-moment print is out, it tends to stay that way, but classics such as animal prints, stripes, plaid, and polka dots aren't going anywhere. 

Toss: Trendy Regrets

We've all wasted money on a short-lived trend, but holding on to it won't bring your money back, so sell and/or donate those regrettable pieces, and hold on to your designer basics. 

Toss: Worn-Out Undergarments

Get rid of worn-out socks and bras that are cluttering your underwear drawer so your new high-quality pieces have more visibility when you're getting dressed.

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