What 15 Fashion Industry Giants Looked Like Back in the Day

The online community (this author included) loves a good throwback photo. It’s an opportunity to share cute baby pics and embarrassing errors in fashion judgment, and—let’s be honest—it’s also led to many flattering selfies. In fact, the #TBT hashtag has been used over 376 million times on Instagram, further affirming our assumption that there must be something that stimulates a positive chemical reaction in our brains when we see these images.

That’s why when we stumbled upon a handful of archival snapshots of fashion industry giants like Hamish Bowles, Anna Wintour, and Suzy Menkes, we knew a roundup was the only answer. And round up we did: See below for 15 playful shots of the figures in our world that are truly pushing the needle in publishing, design, and beyond. And if your flashback appetite isn’t satiated afterward, pick up a copy of Fashion Icons: Fashion Trends Throughout the Centuries for a good read.