12 Unexpected Brands That'll Net You a Profit 3 Years Later


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When we eagerly purchase something we simply have to have, it's hard to imagine there will come a day when we no longer want it. But as you probably know from experience, it inevitably happens, but it doesn't necessarily mean you'll end up in the red. You see, there certainly are brands that resale-loving fashion girls line up to get their hands on from sites like The RealReal and Poshmark. So, naturally, we asked them what they are!

You're probably aware that a Chanel bag will hold its value, but what about those less obvious brands that you might already have in your closet? To help you out, Senior Director of Merchandising Kate Franco for Poshmark and chief merchant Rati Levesque for The RealReal divulged which 12 less expected brands hold their value. We advise taking note, as this information can certainly help you make smart shopping decisions now, choose which brands to add to your wardrobe later, or help you with a little spring closet cleaning.

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