I Asked All the Cool Fashion Girls About Their Best Purchases Ever



We follow dozens of cool fashion girls on Instagram, and whether they're jetting off to fashion weeks around the world, traveling on vacation, or simply sharing their latest street style moment, they're always a source of style inspiration. They're constantly on top of the latest trends and are the first to wear the buzziest new designers before the rest of us, so it's easy to imagine that they never wear the same thing twice. But just because they test out new styles all the time doesn't mean they, too, don't have a few key investment purchases they wear on repeat.

I asked 10 of the coolest fashion girls to share the items they consider to be their best purchases ever. These are the items that, no matter how many new pieces they add to their wardrobes, have stood the test of time and proved to be more than worth it. From the Balenciaga ankle boots they wear with everything to timeless jewelry and the statement outerwear they'll be wearing every day for the next five months (because winter), you can expect to see the following items all over their Instagrams for seasons to come. Keep reading to see and shop the pieces that define blogger fashion for these 10 cool girls.

Expect to keep seeing these items on fashion girls' Instagrams for seasons to come.