I Asked All the Cool Fashion Girls About Their Best Purchases Ever



We follow dozens of cool fashion girls on Instagram, and whether they're jetting off to fashion weeks around the world, traveling on vacation, or simply sharing their latest street style moment, they're always a source of style inspiration. They're constantly on top of the latest trends and are the first to wear the buzziest new designers before the rest of us, so it's easy to imagine that they never wear the same thing twice. But just because they test out new styles all the time doesn't mean they, too, don't have a few key investment purchases they wear on repeat.

I asked 10 of the coolest fashion girls to share the items they consider to be their best purchases ever. These are the items that, no matter how many new pieces they add to their wardrobes, have stood the test of time and proved to be more than worth it. From the Balenciaga ankle boots they wear with everything to timeless jewelry and the statement outerwear they'll be wearing every day for the next five months (because winter), you can expect to see the following items all over their Instagrams for seasons to come. Keep reading to see and shop the pieces that define blogger fashion for these 10 cool girls.

Caroline Daur



"My all-time favorite purchase for the winter was definitely my Max Mara teddy coat—I love this coat so much. When it's cold outside I feel like I can live in this cozy piece."

"My second favorite purchase was definitely my black The Row boots. I literally wear and combine them with every outfit. I think these boots were my most worn shoes this year."

Grece Ghanem



"I love the color and the fact that I can create many outfits from this one suit."

"A pair of white boots is a must in everyone's closet—statement shoes, in my opinion. It can elevate any simple look, even a denim jumpsuit."

Lisa Folawiyo



"A great pair of jeans can take me from day to night with just a quick change of a top or pair of shoes are my favorite purchase. And with no wear and tear, they actually look better with age. It doesn't get better than that!"

"Even though streetwear is all the rave now, sneakers have always just made me most comfortable. I love that there are so many different options to choose from! My current faves will be my Nike Air Max 70s, the Balenciaga Triple S's, the new Converse collabs."

Blanca Miró Scrimieri



"You know when you feel very identified with a brand? That's what happens to me with Eytys. I love all the shoes they make, and of course I'm a huge fan of Chelsea boots, and if they have a chunky touch, it's even better."

"I love what Kule makes always. She's been reinventing the stripe thing for a long time, and she never makes us feel we are bored of stripes. The best thing also is the quality, and for this season, she made this amazing cardigan and loved the mix of the colors. I'm very much a fan of red and blue together."

Monikh Dale



"I bought those ugly Chanel Velcro-strap sandals in the summer. I've not taken them off yet. They just make every outfit look super relaxed and cool. Now sold out, Isabel Meant and Prada have some similar ones."

"I've worn my Isabel Marant track pants over and over again. I went for a burgundy color, which although is in this season, it's good for my coloring so will always be appropriate."

Erika Boldrin



"I use this Celine blanket as a cape; it's so warm. When I'm home, I use it as a blanket (perfect for a long Netflix day on the sofa)."

Olivia Perez



"My go-to jacket for any type of weather, this jacket is a bit more elevated than a simple denim jacket."

"I'm obsessed with her line, and her bracelets have become a staple in my everyday wardrobe. They're fun and easy but can also dress up any outfit."

Anna Vitiello



"A mini bag is one of my essential accessories—it adds a little twist to whatever I'm wearing, and I have a few of them for different occasions, but my little pistachio bag from By Far is the kind that I've been looking for forever. The price tag means that according to the price per wear justification; it might be one of the best pieces I own."

"Maidugurs are their new classics that I know will be my go-tos for decades to come, as my Hangisis have been before them."

Christie Tyler



"The Totême Annecy coat is the perfect fall/winter staple; mine is in camel. It is oversize, so it just feels like you are wrapped in a blanket (a very chic blanket). This is one of the coats that you can have forever since it is so timeless and elegant, making it worth the heftier price tag."

"My loafers are one of my all-time favorite purchases; I've had to get them resoled twice I love them that much. They are perfect for running errands or having a nice day strolling around the city, and they won't kill your feet. They are the perfect investment for looking chic, timeless, while also being comfortable."

Jeanette Madsen



"This Saks Potts coat is beyond. I love that it's so classic, and I love the feminine silhouette. It goes with everything, whether I'm wearing high heels or sneakers. Also, the color matches everything (especially with my trolley), again, it's actually a present from my husband, but it's still a favorite in my wardrobe."

"After craving them for several months, I finally found them on sale. They complement your legs so perfectly as they don't 'cut' your legs and as the heel height is just perfect. The colors make them eager to attention, which is a thing I prefer about my shoes."

Expect to keep seeing these items on fashion girls' Instagrams for seasons to come.