Beyonce's New Tattoo Is the Delicate Ink of Your Dreams

Beyoncé has been taking to Instagram recently to display her family's adorable moments, like when Blue Ivy played dress up in Bey's heels and all her killer looks, obviously. Yesterday, Queen B posted a photo of something else exciting that didn't quite have to do with what she was wearing, though we have a lot of feelings about that red jumpsuit of hers.

Bey just got a brand-new tattoo on her left ring finger, and it's so teeny tiny and delicate. Just three dots placed in one vertical line in between her two knuckles already have her fans going crazy with the possibilities of how the tattoo could be interpreted.

Although people instantly took it upon themselves to declare that the meaning behind the three dots has to do with Bey and Jay's growing family (one larger dot in the center for Blue Ivy and two smaller dots framing it for their twins), the only thing we know for sure is that we'll be jotting down Beyoncé's delicate design for potential tattoos. If this is anything like the other permanent design she has on her finger (a matching Roman numeral she got with Jay-Z), it's safe to say this new one has a deeply rooted family-oriented meaning behind it.

Scroll down to see Beyoncé's delicate new tattoo she showed off on Instagram.


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