All the Things We Bought Because Who What Wear Editors Told Us To

Hey, WWW fam! It's Byrdie Senior Editor Hallie here, and I'm playing fashion editor for the day. If you didn't already know, our two sites (along with MyDomaine and College Fashionista) are sister brands, which means we all share a parent company—Clique.

The perks of being a beauty editor are, well, bountiful. There's access to heavy-hitting experts in the industry, sneak peeks at new launches before they're available to the public, and gratis products to review. However, one of the unsung perks of being a Byrdie editor specifically, is sitting among all the fashion editors at Who What Wear. It makes for helpful outfit ideas, conversations about accessories, and an offering of fashion industry knowledge we wouldn't otherwise possess (i.e., smaller brands with incredible pieces, tips on sales before they happen, et al.). So much so that we can thank our trusted Who What Wear editors for practically half our closets in some way or another. I can certainly thank Nicole Akhtarzad and her Instagram account for my newly updated wardrobe (and dwindling bank account).

Whether it was from a Who What Wear story or directly from the mouth of an editor (our desks are positioned right next to each other, so this happens often), find every single piece of clothing we've bought because a Who What Wear editor told us to. And, as an FYI, your favorite WWW editors are doing the same for recommended beauty products over on Byrdie today.

"Kat wrote a story—98 Epic (and Under-$100) Items in My Shopping Cart—that resulted in my both squealing with glee and buying more items of clothing than I'd care to mention. My favorite, though, is this pair of sandals that go with everything, no matter if it's a dress, jeans, or even shorts."

Available in sizes 7.5 to 10. 

"From that same epic roundup, I scored a white embroidered dress that somehow feels both sporty and romantic (a way I'd describe WWW editor Aemilia's style, by the way). A dress for under $100 is always a good idea."

Available in sizes S to L. 

"Back in the winter months (and still to this day—let's be honest), I was constantly peering over at Nicole's flawlessly fitted jeans. They were everything I wanted: classic, 100% denim, cropped at the ankle, high-waisted, and that perfect light (but not too light) wash. It turns out that they're a collaboration between Citizens of Humanity and Aritzia. I tried them on at the store during lunch and couldn't believe how flattering they were—they suck you in at all the right spots and give where you need it. I got them in two colors and have to consistently remind myself not to wear them every single day."

"I sent a dress I'd picked to wear to an upcoming wedding to WWW's market editor, Nicole, asking for help with shoes and accessories. She's become my go-to for things of that nature—her taste level is immaculate and she always knows where to find great pieces and even better deals. She offered up two pairs of shoes, one if I wanted to dress up the piece and another if I was down to keep it relatively casual. I chose these chic, simple vinyl-strap sandals from Zara. They look great with the dress (it's a red mini wrap dress), they're on-trend, and they have a heel I can dance in. That and they're less than $60."

Available in sizes 5 to 11. 

"I first noticed this Reformation top during its one-day, 25%-off sale (I was frantically scrolling and clicking because such discounts don't come around very often). It was perfectly suited for me—cropped, loose-fitting, and low-cut—but I still couldn't pull the trigger. I had a bunch of other necessities in my cart (pieces that I had tried on previously and knew would work), so I opted to forgo this particular top. That is, until WWW editor Lauren came in wearing it the next week. 'The second I saw it, I thought, this is such a Hallie shirt,' she told me. That was all I needed to promptly walk back to my desk and order it online. We've been together and happy ever since. FYI: Nicole owns it too and taught me a little trick to make it work appropriate."

Available in sizes XS to XL. 

"Lauren has been wearing these strappy little things around the office for a few weeks, and I couldn't get them out of my head. After she and Nicole purchased a similar pair from Tibi—they were deeply discounted but sold out by the time I checked the site—I knew it was time to go for the Forever 21 pair. They're $28 (which is a bargain I'm endlessly happy with), adjustable (so the straps don't dig into your feet or get too loose), and they add a little dressiness to a casual summer look (I'm a jeans and T-shirt kind of girl)."

"Nicole and I discussed how we were desperately looking for a pair of jeans that had two specific characteristics: Stiff, vintage-feeling denim and a super-tight fit through the ankle. Both are easy to find, of course, but rarely are they available together as part of the same pair of jeans. 100% cotton denim usually comes in straighter styles, either baggy around the hips and thighs or wider at the ankle. And there's almost always distressing of some kind. The same goes for skinny jeans, as there are tons out there, but they're normally stretchy and don't offer that vintage feel. But we wanted something that could both dress up a going-out outfit and add a little sexiness to our usual Levi's denim. Nicole sent me a link to (yet another) collab with Aritzia—this time though, it was a Levi's pair made in jet black with a tight fit throughout. They're perfect to wear with a thin pair of heels out on the town. I bought them that day."

Available in sizes 31 to 32. 

"I'm not a big jewelry person, but I do love the way the right necklace or pair of earrings can take a simple jeans-and-T-shirt look and create an outfit. So when I stumbled upon this Who What Wear story in my IG Stories feed, I swiped up. I recognized the necklace from the first brand mentioned as one I'd seen and admired on managing editor Michelle Scanga. That (and the price) sold me. I think I ended up buying a few items from this story, but I love my Cinco necklace and have since purchased two others from the brand."

"Michelle Scanga chatted me the link to this top one day stating simply, 'you need this.' I replied 'okay' and bought it. It's the perfect summer/vacation/throw-it-on-whenever white top. I practically lived in it during my Greece trip earlier this month."

Available in sizes 0 to 14. 

"Who What Wear first introduced me to Crap Eyewear a few years ago. As someone who has sworn off of expensive designer sunglasses (they always end up scratched at the bottom of my handbag or lost at the bottom of a lake/ocean), the brand has been my go-to ever since. Most recently I've purchased The Wild Gift, but I'm consonantly buying new variations of the wire frame styles. I think I've had at least three different pairs of The Tuff Patrol—they're so light I forget I'm wearing them."

"I know my credit card should always be at the ready whenever I click into one of Nicole's Trust Me Buy This posts for WWW, and sure enough, this I.AM.GIA top caught my eye and had me quickly punching in my digits. It's sure to be my summer staple."

Available in sizes XS to L.

"My bank account was definitely impacted by this monster of a shopping roundup the incredibly stylish WWW editor in chief Kat Collings put together. In fact, it was hard not to just throw my wallet at Kat and tell her to go carte blanch. This Zara dress was immediately added to my cart—but alas, when I checked a few hours later, it was sold out. I wanted it so badly that I drove to the nearest Zara by my house in hopes of finding it. I didn't find the exact dress, but I did find a similar version that I love even more."

"Another brand I discovered via this shopping roundup: Farrow. I had never heard of this brand before, but I immediately noticed that a lot of the products I loved were from this brand. It turns out that it's a sophisticated, affordable line that I can't believe I haven't heard of before. Thank you, Kat! (But also, can you wait awhile before doing another one of these because my wallet needs time to recover?)"

Available in sizes S to L. 

"Preparing for a tropical vacation where I'd be spending a lot of time on a boat, I grilled the WWW team for what to buy to look nautical safari chic, and they directed me to Mango's extensive selection of linen clothes. I bought so many things, including these shorts, and am living for the old-world Hemingway vibes."

Available in sizes 2 to 10. 

"I would have never thought to resurrect the bucket hat were it not for the urging of WWW's editor in chief Kat Collings, but this cheap Amazon buy has literally been my accessory of the summer. It's so whimsical and fun and brings a little something more to the table than a baseball hat. I wear it with all my linen stuff, little sundresses, jeans, and white tees, and somehow it never fails me."

"I was never much of the white tee–and-jeans type. As simple as the construct of a plain white tee may seem, finding the right fit, thickness, and even shade (there's white-white, off-white, gray-white—you get the gist) is essential. So when I overheard the WWW editors talking about how perfect the signature Everlane white tee is, I had to give it a try, especially considering it's only $16. The verdict? They're super-soft, form-fitting, have the perfect sleeve length (no cap sleeves, please) and tuck into pants perfectly. I'd never thought I'd feel so strongly about a basic closet staple, but here we are."

Available in sizes XXS to XL. 

"Clean white leather tennis shoes: Sneakers weren't even part of my vocabulary when I first started working at Byrdie, save for my running shoes when I'd work out. But after seeing all the stylish editors come to work wearing white tennis shoes with maxi dresses, raw-hem jeans and wide-leg pants, I decided to give them a shot. Truth be told, they're a great option for long commutes, rainy days, and chillier weather, or just when your back needs a break from heels. They add an instant 'cool factor' and go with everything."

"Little does she know, but I admire WWW editorial director Kat Collings's style from afar every single day. (Oh, and I also creep on her IG—it's amazing—so much style inspiration.) And when she posted this photo featuring WWW collection's bubblegum-pink jumpsuit a few months back, I was insanely intrigued. Later, I saw her wearing it in person during a meeting, and all I could think to myself was how much I needed it in my closet. Now, keep in mind I had never worn a jumpsuit in my life (I'm tall and always worried they'd just be too much for me), but apparently I was ready to go big (because pink) or go home on my very first try. I ended up ordering it ASAP, and now, I get so many compliments when I wear it. I've since realized I actually really love jumpsuits on my silhouette and they're also the closest you can get to wearing pajamas to the office. Now I always look out for jumpsuit-centric articles like this one on the WWW site. Thanks, Kat!"

Available in sizes XS to XXL. 

"I first heard about Girlfriend when WWW editor Ally Payer wrote about the brand's launch in early 2017. Sure, the headline about 'free leggings' is admittedly what pulled me in. But once I learned about the brand's mission for sustainability—all of its designs are made with recycled materials—I was more than ready to give it a try. Fast-forward to now, and Girlfriend is one of my favorite activewear brands on the market right now. In addition to the brand's planet-friendly ethos, the performance and design are top-notch. Everything is so comfortable and so flattering. A win-win-win."

"In all honesty, I resisted the chunky sneaker trend for a very long time—I figured I'd ride it out with my beat-up converse. But I kept seeing this retro-looking pair in a few different stories (and on a few WWW editor Instagram feeds) and finally pulled the trigger a couple months ago. I'm so glad I did—I wear them with literally everything. They're the best with a super-flirty dress or skirt to add a little edge. And have I mentioned it feels like you're like walking on clouds?"