Fashion Insiders Love This Cool-Girl Jewelry Brand

If you’re anything like us, the following scenario is all too common: You and your best friend set a date to get brunch, grab drinks, or go shopping, and you show up wearing almost the exact same outfit. It makes sense—you spend a lot of time together, and who better to take style cues from than the person you share your deepest, darkest secrets with? Kaitlynn Carter (right) of Western Wild and Jill Wallace (left) of Little Black Boots know this all too well. The BFF bloggers bonded over their love for fashion, and they often find themselves eyeing the same pieces—especially when it comes to accessories.

Carter, who describes her style as “casual and comfortable with an eclectic twist,” tells us she admires Wallace for her effortless getups. “She just always looks so cool,” the Western Wild blogger says of Wallace. So, we decided to turn to the pair for the insider intel on how they're styling their current jewelry brand on repeat, Hearts On Fire.

Keep reading for their go-to pieces from the fall collection and how to style them, ahead. 

What do you think? Whose jewelry preferences do you lean towards? And, tell us the best style tips you've picked up from your friends below.  

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