Newsflash: Australians Really Like Buying Things They've Seen on Instagram

Think about the way you use Instagram and how your consumption has changed over the years. When the app first launched in 2010, it was predominantly a photo-sharing tool—an opportunity to update friends and family on what you've been up to. Fast-forward to 2017, and it's one of the most powerful marketing tools for brands (big and small) today. 

In a recent data pull conducted by Instagram, the social media platform reached out to Who What Wear Australia to let us know it discovered that 75 percent of Australians say they are taking action after spotting a product they like on the 'gram. Whether that be clicking to buy, visiting the website, searching for more information, or referring a friend to take a look. That is a huge percentage, and further proves that Instagram is not just a place for inspiration, but also a place to shop.

Keep scrolling to peep three brands we're obsessed with on Instagram right now.


Opening image: Getty Images

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