The Worst Thing to Wear for Sweat Stains, According to Science

Aemilia Madden

Collage Vintage

Margaritas, long bike rides—there are plenty of reasons to look forward to summer. But warm weather can make us a little nervous because it means that it's peak time for unsightly sweat stains. Our favorite white tees run the risk of turning yellow, which is not exactly a reason we'd want anyone to notice our outfit.

But armed with the knowledge as to why summer seems to ruin all our favorite tops, a few easy switches can help you survive the season sweat stain–free. We know it's not the most glamorous inspiration for a little seasonal shopping, but hey, none of us are immune to the possibly embarrassing issue. Below, we're diving a bit into the science of sweat, and then shopping out our favorite tops and dresses that will make those stains a non-issue. Now, you'll be able to survive the next three months cool, calm, and collected.

Read on to learn how to battle sweat stains this summer—and shop some of our favorite summer picks.

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