8 Things We Never Buy From Zara

Hold up—there are actually items Who What Wear editors won't buy from Zara? I know, we can barely believe it ourselves, but it's true, and today we are here to share exactly what we prefer not to buy from the fast-fashion retailer. While the "don't buy" lists are significantly shorter than the "must-buy" lists, the reasoning behind each editor's answer is worth hearing out.

Now, we aren't saying you shouldn't be purchasing these things from Zara—heck, some of the items our editors would rather not buy might be your favorite Zara section to shop overall, and that's okay. In this situation, there is no right or wrong answer, because at the end of the day, you know we all have an unhealthy obsession with the brand, so who are we to judge? We just thought it would be interesting to find out what these knowledgeable editors steer clear of when it comes to shopping at Zara, in addition to the items they are eyeing at this exact moment.

Go on to find out which items our Who What Wear editors would never buy from Zara, plus the items currently on their wish lists.

"I never buy jewelry from Zara, because when it comes to that, I prefer to save up and buy pieces I'll wear forever, rather than one-off trends. However, I do hit up Zara regularly for trendy tops and affordable summer sandals! I've been eyeing this one from the sale section and think I'm ready to pull the trigger!"

"I turn to Zara for one-off trend pieces, so I'd never spend the money on a classic staple like a leather jacket. My go-to Zara purchase? A top or jacket that adds a bit of oomph to the staples already in my closet."

"I would never buy real leather from Zara. It still sells those pieces for a pretty penny, so I would rather spend that money on a brand the specializes in let's say leather jackets, boots, or purses. Anything besides that, I'm down to buy from Zara, especially really fun statement pieces."

"I never buy jewelry from Zara. I'm pretty picky about costume jewelry to begin with and am just afraid that it'll look cheap in person. Something that I do always buy from Zara, though, is tops. This one is currently at the top of my wish list."

"Zara is my go-to stop for basics I'll wear every day. I tend to steer clear of anything too trendy I'll only wear once or items that don't fit in with my personal style. Even when I buy affordable pieces, I like to make sure they're something I'll love for more than one season. I've been on the hunt for a cool tuxedo jacket, so this one will probably be my next purchase."

"I don't own any everyday handbags from Zara. Instead, when it comes to shopping the site's purse section, I'll opt for a style (like the one below) I can wear on vacation or the weekend and leave the everyday handbag for an option I know will hold up."

"I personally don't buy jeans from Zara because I'm too loyal to the other brands in my rotation. It's just easier to stick to what I know instead of trying to figure out which size I am in a new brand. Instead, I go to Zara for dresses—right now, I've got my eye on this cute striped one."

"I don't buy handbags at Zara. But to be honest, I don't buy a ton of handbags at all. I prefer to invest in a few options that I'll wear for a long time rather than buy into every trend. However, what I always pick up from Zara are tops—for work, going out, whatever—and this playful, tied-up polka-dot style is currently catching my eye."

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